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Rod Ruperto
About Rod:
Dr. Ruperto and his wife, Debbie, live in Lewisville with their four children. Their son, Logan, is the second scout in the troop to be awarded his Eagle Rank. Rod works in Child Psychiatry and gets along famously with the boys in the troop. His ability to lead and a knack for comedy make him a favorite among our boys. We are truly honored to have him serve the troop in this way.
Rod is registered with the council as the scoutmaster of the troop, and shares the day to day operations of the troop with Davey Shealey.

Davey Shealey
About Davey:
Davey and his wife, Jaymie, along with sons Tyler and Ethan, moved to Lewisville, NC in the summer of 2002 from Leeds, Alabama. Prior experience in children's ministry and a current role as a church youth leader provides helpful experience to guide our boys to a future with a solid foundation. Davey is employed with RockTenn Merchandising Displays in Winston-Salem as the Engineering Manager of their Permanent Display Division. Favorite bible Verse : John 1:12
Davey has taken on the role of co-leading this troop with Dr. Ruperto (above). Together, they will guide these young men toward leadership and manhood.

Venture / Eagle Patrol Scoutmaster:
Voyta Sailer
About Voyta:
Dr. Sailer and his wife, Laura, live in Lewsivlle. They have four children, one of which is a scout in our troop. (He's an Eagle Scout!) Voyta loves backpacking and high adventure trips. Through rain, wind, mud, muck or shine, Voyta will press on, building character in these boys and helping them to learn how to survive in the outdoors. He is a blessing to this troop, and the boys enjoy his company.
Voyta is also leading a venture patrol, consisting of all eagle scouts. They will be on the move throughout the year looking for their next high adventure, and for their next physical and mental challenge!

Assistant Scoutmaster:
William Comer
About William:
William lives in Lewisville with his wife, Renee, and his son, William III (Will, also a scout in the troop). William is a dedicated and caring Assistant Scoutmaster that the scouts relate to easily and is well liked.

Assistant Scoutmaster:
Mike Hayes
About Mike:
I am a father of 4 wonderful children, happily married to June for 23 years. I grew up in Winston-Salem, attended RJ Reynolds High School and graduated from Wake Forest University (Go Deacons). I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and own my private practice, Pathways Counseling, LLC. I have more than 30 years experience working with adolescents and families. The first half of my life was spent at Ardmore United Methodist Church, where I was a member of Boy Scout Troop 749. I spent many years at Raven Knob as a scout and love being back there as an adult leader. One of my highlights in scouting was my trip to Philmont in 1970. I count it as one of my greatest achievements. I have been a member of Lewisville United Methodist for 25 years and am thrilled to see Troop 705 thrive here. I believe we have some of the finest leaders in the area and look forward to watching the boys grow in strength and wisdom.

Assistant Scoutmaster:
Rob Jakobowski
About Rob:
Rob and his wife, Carolline, lve in Lewisville with their three children, Ben, Andrew and Carlee. Ben and Andrew are scouts in the troop. Rob enjoys the outdoors greatly, has fun with the scouts while maintaining the role of mentor / counselor. Troop 705 is privileged to have him as an Assistant Scoutmaster. Rob has been working with children for many years in a ministry setting, which is a big help when building relationships with the boys in our troop.

Assistant Scoutmaster:
Michael Foster
About Michael:
Michael and his wife Pamela moved to Lewisville in the winter of 2005. They have two children, Mackenzie and Trevor. Michael works for the High Point Fire Department as a Battalion Chief. Michael is also certified as an EMT. Not only that, he has a Private Pilot's License!
Michael has a long history in leadership with the scouts - he started off as a Tiger Cub Den Leader in Pack 752 and is still at it! His son, Trevor, is an active scout in the troop and we've been blessed to have Michael here too!

Dan Williams
About Dan:
Dr. Williams has two boys that attended the troop and achieved their Eagle Scout Rank - Noah and Walt. Walt was our first Eagle Scout of Troop 705.
Dan and his wife, Margaret, live in Lewisville with their five chilren. Dan is a member of Lewisville United Methodist Church and the original Scoutmaster of the Troop.

Dan diligently served this troop for 5 years. He built it from the ground up, and gave it his heart and soul. Although he has moved on to other things, his legacy as scoutmaster will forever be remembered by this troop, and the scouting community. Thank you, Dr. Williams, for your hard work, blood, sweat and tears!